Wilshere’ believes Arteta won’t sign ‘Ronaldo’ to destroy

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Jack Wilshere believes Mikel Arteta doesn’t want Cristiano Ronaldo to join Arsenal, although celebrity host Pierce Morgan says the Portuguese striker Gies will be a great deal for the Gunners,

though it appears Ronaldo will no longer play for Manchester United, according to interviews with the bombardment at

Morgan, who are thousands of fans. Arsenal’s Real Wants Ronaldo to Move to North London Even wearing the number 7 shirt,

however, Wilshere, who is currently the U18s coach Don’t think this can happen, believing Arteta will never sign Ronaldo

, Wilshere told UFABET : “I still think he’s going to bring something to the younger players. Take an example, look at how he lives and does things. I still think it’s helpful to have him.”

Darren Bent, a former international striker who hosts the show, said: “You wouldn’t want him at Arsenal, no way, with what Arteta is building right now, you wouldn’t,”

Wilshere said. “I don’t think Mikel wants him. No (I don’t want either),”

Bent added: “You can’t sign him to Arsenal, you just got rid of Aubameyang.

” “Obviously what he did was bad, but he had no history of doing something like this before. despite having been at Madrid for many years.