Knowing Roulette Betting Styles Will Make You Better

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Before betting on roulette, even though the method of playing has a simple method because of less equipment and betting that relies on guessing the stopping position of the ball. However, you must understand the betting pattern because on the board there are not just numbers. But there are also different colors. There are positions and rows that we will call as a betting style that we can bet on in different ways. The roulette table board is divided into 2 types: สมัคร UFABET

  1. The European roulette board is a roulette table board with 37 squares, numbered from 0-36.
  2. The American roulette board is a roulette table board with a total of 38 squares, numbered 0-36 and 00 is added.

following is an overview of the 10 different roulette bets you can use to bet on.

Type 1 

Straight up or straight up will be the bet that gets the most return. Because it is a straight number bet on which position the ball will fall on. There is a payout of 1 to 35. This type of bet requires skill and relies on principles and probabilities from looking at the game of experts. Usually, direct bets, if the initiator plays roulette, will only have a 10% chance of winning compared to those who have experienced it. 

Form 2

Double betting is a bet that has matching numbers. Either a pair of numbers that are next to each other, or it can bet on horizontal or vertical pairs. which can bet on 01 02 03 which is a matching number as well with a payout ratio of 1 to 17

Form 3

Street bets or Street bets are bets that can place 3 numbers according to the position of the board to bet as well, such as 789, 16 17 18, 34 35 36, etc.

Form 4 

Corner Bet is a bet that can place 4 odd numbers, which will select a number position and place a chip in the middle of the corner and can bet on that number accordingly. The point where we will bet, for example, if placing a chip in the middle between the top row numbers with 21 and 24, and the bottom row will be 20 and 23, so when placing the chip in the middle of the number you bet is the numbers 24 24 20 and 23. Simply called 4 corners with numbers that you expect to exit according to that position can use this format to bet as well.

Type 5 

2 Line Bet is a bet on numbers on the board that are in 2 adjacent rows. This type of bet will choose to bet on more numbers and is similar to the female bet.  There is a payout rate of 1 to 5.

Variation 6

Column Bet It is a bet that will be divided into 3 rows according to the table. You must place the chip at the end of the row you want to bet on. The 12 numbers you place in the position at the end of the row you choose will be the bet numbers and affect. your bet The odds are 1 to 2.

Pattern 7

Bet on 12 numbers or a dozen that is According to the roulette table on the roulette table B, you can see that the numbers are divided into 3 sets, that is, 1 ST numbered 1-12, the next 2nd numbered 13-24, and finally the 3rd numbered 25-36. Place bets according to the Dozen pattern. That is, lifting all 12 characters, the payout rate is 1 to 2.

Pattern 8 

Color Bet As seen in the roulette board. In addition to betting on numbers or positions of numbers. Betting on colors can also be used as a betting decision. There will be a total of 2 colors. That is, black and red. Which betting on this color is considered a very low-risk bet compared to betting numbers. But the amount of payout will be less according to the risk as well.

Type 9 

Betting type or even or odd bet is to bet on whether the number will come out on an even number or an odd number. Which is called even on the roulette table. Even or odd as odd, which is usually popular with people betting on even and odd as well. Because it is a simple and low-risk form as well stab at paint

Pattern 10 

Bet Types or Bet High or Low It will be a selection of bets that have options for numbers that are in high and low levels. The high number is 1-18 and the low number is 19-36.

All 10 forms of betting, you can adapt to your own preferences and convenience in betting because all 10 forms have different difficulty and average payout rates. risk If you like playing dempuns for enjoyment, not focusing on much profit. Betting that starts from low risk first, there will be many forms for you to choose from, whether it is betting by color. Placing bets according to the number drawn Odd or even, or choose a low or high bet. But if you are a person who seeks profit in playing roulette. To play roulette for real money as well, you must also choose to bet on a form that can give you a lot of returns, such as choosing to bet on numbers, direct bets. The payout rate is quite high compare to other types.