‘Hazard’ insists he hopes to use the World Cup to turn the King’s life

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Belgian superstar Eden Hazard After the 2022 World Cup, the Belgian was struggling with injuries. continually Since moving from Chelsea in 2019

, the 31-year-old has been missing out on the pitch. “White King” about 73 games before the start of this season. And his performances were inconsistent when given the opportunity to play in the field last season

, although Hazard assured Madrid fans that he would try to make a comeback. when celebrating the championship last May But his situation in the Spanish capital has not changed

. Carlo Ancelotti has rarely used Hazard this season. In which he only played 6 matches for a total of only 229 minutes.

Until El Nacional reports that Hazard plans to return to England. After the World Cup in Qatar ended, with Newcastle being the favorite team to win

, but the latest Hazard came out to confirm that. I want to continue playing for Real Madrid, hoping that the results of the World Cup in Qatar will be a turning point for him. The UFABET report

“I don’t want to leave Real Madrid, maybe the situation will change after the World Cup,” Hazard said

. But the manager decides, I have to admit, but I want to show that. I deserve to play more. because when you’re not playing Everything is difficult.”