‘Arsenal’ the best in the league but ‘Man City’ will be champions

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes Arsenal are now the best team in the league. But still predict that in the end, Manchester City will finally win the Premier League title


Lle told UFABET Sports that he still predicted that in the end, Man City would overtake and return to the title.

“Last week I said Manchester City would be champions by 15 points and I’m still confirming my prediction

. They performed great and played with class throughout the first 14 games ′

′ Both me and football fans in general. I want to see the competition for the Premier League title and I don’t want to see any other teams. The only one to win the championship throughout every season.”

“Arsenal have been playing so well up until now, they were the best team in the league in the first 14 games miles away from the other teams

. He was with Crystal Palace in August and in just the first 25 minutes the offensive line showed an exciting

form. They have the whole team spirit. unity And great football ′′ ′

′ It’s very interesting where Arsenal will be in February and March. Which I don’t think they will win. But top four ′′ ′

′ I think there are still some points that Arsenal need to develop, I will always say this. until they show me something different But they have shown to be the best team right now. And the most consistent in the league.

“From where they finished last season It’s a very good performance by Mikel Arteta as well as the reinforcement team. And the club itself endured through difficult times. In fact, they can easily put more pressure on Arteta.